What happens during a treatment session

Shiatsu treatments take about one hour. The treatment takes place on a soft mat (futon) on the floor. The massage is given through the clothing.

If an ailment is treated, I will collect information during an interview about the general health and the ailment. This will take place during the first appointment. Also I will look at the tongue, feel the wrist and hara (stomach) for a complete diagnosis. For relaxing massages I only use the wrist and hara diagnosis.

The intensity of the treatment is always adjusted to your situation at that moment and may vary. The number of sessions usually varies between four and ten. Relaxing massages can of course be enjoyed longer.

The fee for a shiatsu massage is € 70,00 and is often (partially) covered by health insurance.


  • Shiatsu massage is given through the clothing. Therefore it is necessary to wear thin, loose fitting clothing.
  • On the day of treatment it is best not to eat too much or to drink alcohol.
  • After the treatment it is best to take it easy. Try not to plan any busy meetings or vigorous exercise.
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