Taking care of yourself

It is important to take good care of your body. Because if one thing is sure, you will have to make it last a lifetime. Make yourself aware of your body and give yourself the chance to live a balanced life.

Shiatsu therapy is based on the strength and self-healing power of the body. The body will always try to maintain well balanced. This means that you will feel your best if your body (again) works at it’s best.

The way shiatsu therapy works, is by eliminating blockades in the energy flow of the body. This way the energy (or Qi) can flow freely through the meridians.

Cure & Care

Shiatsu therapy is not only a good solution for health problems or as a preventive therapy (cure) but also something to enjoy (care). The basic ingredients of a good treatment are care and attention. Treatments are therefore enjoyable and relaxing.

Shiatsu therapy is an important supplementary treatment in addition to the conventional western therapies. Subtle and with remarkable results, especially in those cases where western medicine sometimes fails to achieve results.

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